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INCOMING SERVICES :the real asset in the European and Italian INCOMING offer

In spite of today’s high technology, in the specific sector of the INCOMING SERVICES, the role of the TOUR MANAGER is the only ring of this complex Tourism chain which is still played exclusively by a real, human being.
It is the TOUR MANGER who holds on one hand the demanding arrangements of the Tour Operators, who with great team work create travel programmes at affordable prices in attractive destinations, and on the others the client’s understandable high expectations for a hard gained vacation.
The Tour Manager is right in the middle.

As Tour manager…

broad shoulders are needed, because there will be times in which fast decisions must be taken, very often with no time for others’ advice.
And the outcome of those decisions will make a happy client, a client who will never forget a successful traveling experience, a client who will return and who will be the Tour Operator’s best promotion.
In the Business, there is a well known saying : “A Tour manager can either MAKE or BREAK the tour”

Sabine e Riccardo lead groups

Since early ‘80s in Italian, German and English languages.

On tours of the duration from few days up to 3 weeks, on the Italian territory as well as on multinationals’ itineraries in all Central and Western Europe.

Their expertise ensures the Client with the complete fulfilment of the Tour Operator’s programme.

Their contagious passion for traveling creates quickly that fellowship among the group members which is the perfect element for that special mindset of confidence and serenity which will turn a vacation into an unforgettable experience.
Moreover, their deep knowledge of the territory visited spurs in the group that genuine curiosity which is the best spring to enjoy the discovery of the destination to come.

Our PROMISE : Care, Empathy, Help

A good Tour Manager not only answers to questions,but helps group members to conceive them!

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The discovery is fun, the memory enriches.

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