Motorcycle and bike trips

Our Marche Region, like the nearby Romagna, not only has an amazing History and rooted traditions, it is also the Land of “Mutor” (motorbikes)!!!

To explore a city or a village, to reach the top of a montain’s pass, to visit an old castle, are all enjoyable experiences.
But to reach them riding a bicycle or a motorbike makes these experiences very special.

To travel on TWO WHEELS, compared to other means, makes the trip more complete, as it starts exactly at the moment in which we kick on first gear or push on the first pedal.

It’s only riding an e-bike or a motorbike that all scents are felt, it’s only on them that the music sheet of the road corners – with its rhythms so different from place to place – conquers us, it’s only in this way that we gently caress all the curves of the territory.
Yes, it becomes a sensual pleasure, because only the TWO WHEELS concede such a deep and complete contact with the land we cross.

It’s in this Italian region that the passion for motorbikes has rooted so deeply, creating that tradition, hence History, for which it has become worldfamous.
Locations such as Tavullia, Misano, Imola tell us about legendary riders as well as epic races.
Names like Ducati, Morbidelli, TM, Benelli are today, like in the old days, top Racing Factories.
And names such as Simoncelli, Capirossi, Morbidelli, Marini, Valentino Rossi, make us dream today like once Pasolini, Lazzarini, Graziano Rossi e Lucchinelli did.

It is in this environment that I grew up, and with me my endless passion for motor riding.
Our hills offer perfect itineraries in which the discovery of the historical sites blends perfectly with the pleasure of riding on these winding roads.

I’d love to lead you in this new adventure on these paths that see me dedicated rider since over 40 years!

We’ll decide itineraries together, as true riders do, according to your wishes, your riding capabilities, your bikes and your rythms.
Be sure of one thing ‘though: they will be pleasant motor-rides, more or less demanding, but always pleasant rides, where our priority will be the discovery of new destinations at an enjoyable pace.

Never forget that I am a Licensed Tourist Guide, therefore once we unbuckle our helmets, we can always visit those palaces, castle, monuments if you wish to..

For the ones having particular wishes for “off road” tracks just ask: my Yamaha is impatiently waiting !!

Yes, a sensual pleasure.
And if we do it gently and with respect the place, like a living body, reveals itself.

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