When words tune eyes and minds : the beauty of the discovery.

How we tune our guided visits.

Our guided visits are party invitations, they are informal moments in which everybody must feel at ease.
Above all, a guided visit is for us to tune with your expectations, make ours your interests and share your pace.
This means for us to choose among many possibilities the right itinerary for you, turning your visit into a pleasant and memorable experience.

A work of art, a landscape, a palace, a local cuisine specialty, all of these things “TALK” but they do not “SAY” the same thing to everybody…

During every single visit we – guides – learn how to listen besides talk

… therefore we chose our approach offering various ways of engagement with the site visited.

With a Guide the visit turns into an exciting, complete and long lasting experience.

To aim eyes and minds

Our guided visits are based on a deep historical knowledge of the sites and the specific resources which those sites offer.
Whatever we see is always the result of the relationship between ourselves and what surround us, and our goal is to ease this process.
We feel comfortable with art exhibitions, art works, individual artists, styles, as well as knowledgeable in local curiosities and natives’ lifestyles, therefore ready to offer the most complete experience.

We’ll be the key for your discoveries.

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